Mario and Sonic is the first film in the series, it will be released on YouTube, April 3rd, 2015.


Tails invents a spring, which can send you anywhere you want, when Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Tails, Toad and Yoshi want to go to Hawaii using the spring, it accidentally sends them to a jungle called The Lost Jungle. Sonic meets Blaze, a lavender cat who has been living with the creatures ever since her parents abandoned her and died because of Eggman. When Knuckles and Shadow plan to take control of the creatures and destroy the world, it's up to Mario, Sonic and the rest to stop them from taking over the world!


  • The film has an already planned sequel, expected to be released November 27th, 2015, along with a third film in 2016 and two parts in the fourth film. Which Part 1 will release in 2017, while Part 2 releases in 2018.
  • The film is rated PG for adventure\sci-fi action and brief rude humor.

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