Mario and Sonic: Awesome Christmas Special is the Christmas special based off of the Mario and Sonic film franchise. It will be released on YouTube, December 26th, 2015.


When Santa's sleigh crashes, it's up to Mario, Sonic and the gang to fix his sleigh before Christmas is ruined!


  • This will be the first Mario and Sonic special, a Halloween one was annouced on November 26th, 2014, the same day the real DreamWorks film, Penguins of Madagascar came out in theaters. Though it is unknown if a Halloween special is in the works.
  • On January 1st, 2015, it was annouced that the special was moved to December 25th, 2015. Mario and Sonic director, Anthony Zurick said, "The Christmas Special will have to wait, as we have more adventures planned for Mario, Sonic and the gang in 2015." This means that the Mario and Sonic sequel isn't the only thing in the franchise that will be relased in 2015, it is unknown what the plans for the franchise in 2015 are.

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